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The Synthetic Immortals


TSI was once one of the most active clans in the Populous community. Life gets in the way and we don't have as much time to spare playing as we used to, as result the clan is, compared to what it once was, rather inactive.

People from the clan still log in the matchmaker and often you see at least one of the remaining members there, but the amount of games played doesn't equal the activity on the chat.

I try to join the matchmaker at least once a month  to catch up with friends and to read all the jokes and banter that is part of the populous community. However I don't think I'll be ever as active as on ... Read more »

Views: 3134 | Added by: Ezra | Date: 2017-01-20 | Comments (0)

   Wow! It has been a few months since TSI's last update and a ton of things have happened. TSI has welcomed new members and recruits, and some old members have come back, it has continued to post solid clan leagues points and had one really active member of the month! We have had a lot of fun the past few months, read on to find out what has happened in them.

   As I said previously it has been a while since TSI's last update and we need to recognize the member of the months for the past months and thank them for their activity. Starting in April we had a tie between Marcus- and Toruk_Makto both getting 23 points r ... Read more »
Views: 4604 | Added by: marcus | Date: 2013-10-20 | Comments (3)

   TSI celebrated its second birthday last Friday. It is now officially been two years since the clan was accepted. Since its creation TSI has been one of the most active clans of Pop:Re at least posting 100 points for clan leagues every month since its creation! Not many clans can say the same thing about their own activity. Through the years TSI has created two map packs, been 2nd in clan leagues, and has had an awesome time playing Populous with each other and with the rest of the Pop:Re community. We want to thank our members for making this possible and being active and great friends. We hope to celebrate many more birthda ... Read more »
Views: 2176 | Added by: marcus | Date: 2013-04-28 | Comments (2)

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