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The Synthetic Immortals

   TSI is now available in over 50 different languages in all sections of the website except the forum to make it easy for the diversity of the populous community! To access the languages just go to the bottom of the page and select a language from drop down menu!

   This is just another way TSI looks to help out its members and community if you think you want to be part of this great community just apply on our forum and we will definitely consider you!
Views: 672 | Added by: marcus | Date: 2012-01-29 | Comments (1)

   Clan update for 1/16/12. We have had a few changes around here including a new forum updated links and memberlist. We welcome new members Ezrakendel, Inemey, and Mattek, while P4r4dis3 (Graffiti) did not meet the requirements to join TSI. We are now accepting applications for members on our forums and if you see us on Matchamaker dont be afraid to talk to us about your future with clans we would like to see what you got! 
Views: 839 | Added by: marcus | Date: 2012-01-17 | Comments (2)

Merry Christmas all! From TSI! A lot has changed since our last update check out the memberlist for updates and new forums coming soon to be integrated into the website. We thank Johnson for hosting the previous ones for many months. With that said From all of us at TSI to all of you! Merry Christmas and to all a good night!
Views: 704 | Added by: marcus | Date: 2011-12-26 | Comments (0)

thought i would take it upon myself to write this update seeing as the last was in june and alot has changed within the clan !! Ice-T has taken back control of the clan as "owner" but still leaves marcus as admin, since then applications have been coming in on the forums. Myself and Ureh have rejoined the clan aswell !! also welcoming silentwarrior. In other news the TSI mappack is nearly ready for submission with 5 of the maps completed and 2 more under construction by myself. the maps created so far are by silentwarrior, ice t and marcus.

remember if you want a game with us pm us when we are in the lobby, we wont bite ... Read more »
Views: 725 | Added by: CuCkoo | Date: 2011-08-22 | Comments (0)

   Alright its been a month since TSI last had a news story so its time for an update, in June TSI finished 3rd in clan leagues not bad for a new clan and for as small as it is.
 For an update for for development of the TSI projects the map pack is still under construction and is doing well so far a couple maps are made and only need a few more until it is going to be submitted. That is all for the June update thanksfor reading ! And if you see a TSI member in the lobby don't be afraid to play them!
Views: 685 | Added by: marcus | Date: 2011-07-17 | Comments (0)

   As we all know and have noticed there have been some changes around here and the clan in general has had a lot of changes happen recently.

   For the clan Ice-T steps down as owner and lets marcus- take the reigns for a while. Ice-T is still an honored member and admin though. Also a new person has stepped up and taken a leadership role for the clan as a newly appointed admin. Johnson known as  X1-Alpha on Pop:Re has proved his dedication to the clan he hosts the new forums and made them himself! Congradulations Johnson on making it admin!

   Another change as you can tell by reading the l ... Read more »
Views: 1095 | Added by: marcus | Date: 2011-06-01 | Comments (0)

  Well it seems that all the work that tSi members and admins put into getting the clan together and organizing everything such as putting forums together making its website and other various tasks has finally paid off.

  The clan was accepted today April 24 on Easter. It was not an easy task but it was earned and the clan will now strive to earn respect among other clans in the Popre community.

  Its owner is Ice-T he is a great leader and has led previous clans before and it gives them the proper experience to steer this clan into the right direction and lead it to success.

< ... Read more »
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The Synthetic Immortals

A Populous Reincarnated Clan

The Synthetic Immortals is a rising clan for experienced players to have a chance to come together and show other players their skills in full ... Read more »
Views: 7742 | Added by: marcus | Date: 2011-04-14 | Comments (2)

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