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The Synthetic Immortals

Get to know TSI

This page is dedicated to TSI members. Each member has a short description about them so you can get to know them better!

The owner and creator of the clan is Ice-T. TSI was his second clan he created and it has since become one of the best in all of Pop:Re! He is an excellent player known best for his mana that to some of his opponents seems endless. His favorite maps are Sessrumnir palace, Face Off , and some of The Great Worlds maps where his mana is unreal. He is from the United States where besides playing Populous he enjoys activities such as hunting, various sports, and playing PS3. He has helped make TSI Worlds possible by creating two maps for it.

CuCkoo is a veteran Populous player who joined TSI after he came back to playing Populous online in July 2011. He is from the UK and is an avid fan of parties and having a good time! He is currently attending school and is very advanced in the science field and enjoys biology and chemistry. His favorite map packs are Asgard Worlds and The Great Worlds. He has contributed to TSI worlds by making two maps for it. He is also an administrator of TSI.

Ezra is the the third administrator of TSI along with CuCkoo and Ice-T. He is from Brazil in real life where he is a conservative and is currently on the university Some of his favorite maps include Pressure Point, Craters and TSI Worlds! He is a great friend and when he is in game he is also a good teammate . He is extremely good at lights and and is a excellent strategist. His allies can always count on him to give them the best chance of winning.

Toruk_Makto is a good friend of Marcus and Ice-T. He and Marcus were in a previous clan together and before TSI. His favorite maps are any Asgard Worlds maps. He is an excellent trooper and his warriors devastate an opponents defense before he and his ally wreck havoc in their opponents base. He is from the USA and is an excellent piano player!

Midori is a good populous player who has been trained by some of the matchmakers best players. She is one of the most popular players on the matchmaker and is a great teammate to have in any match. She is from the UK in real life.

Joppe started playing Populous online in April 2011 and joined TSI shortly after. He was invited to the clan by his friend Teukka (also a clan member). He is a good player who is known for putting firewarriors in huts constantly and it really annoying his opponents. He is currently serving in Finland's army so he doesn't have as much time as he used to for Populous.

Android_17 known to most as Edwaard is a great player and friend. He is from Brazil and some of his favorite maps include Fensalir , Pressure Point and 4 Walls. He is a great ally and will always do his best to help out his teammate in game. Android can build fast and can obtain fast population easily, also he is powerfull on attacking, however he is not so good with lights.

Thiagoh joined TSI after being invited by DevilKazuya. He is a long time populous player and one of the most popular people on matchmaker. Like many other TSI members he is from Brazil! When he is not playing populous he enjoys hanging around with his friends. He enjoys most maps but is especially good at The Great Worlds and 4 walls. He was also previously in the clan Unreal Army with Soul_of_Darkness, Ice-T, Marcus, and Herobrine.

FullMetalJacket better known as Jon joined TSI when he was a spy and has become one of the best players in the clan. His favorite map is Sessrumnir palace where he has beaten some of the matchmakers elite. He is from the USA and besides playing populous enjoys playing his PS3.

Herobrine is a long time friend of Ice-t/Marcus/Soul_of_Darkness as they were in a clan together before TSI. He is a very well rounded player, good at just about everything in the game and his favorite map was Tom where he and Ice-T had some really good games there beating some of the better players in the matchmaker. He is good map maker contributing two maps to TSI Worlds. He also lives in the same state (Wisconsin) as Marcus and Ice-T!

Soul_of_Darkness known by most people by his previous nick The_Dark was in a previous clan with Marcus and Ice-T along with Herobrine too. He is from Chile is a great well rounded populous player, although he has some lag issues he fights through them and generally comes through for his ally. His favorite maps include Face Off and Sessrumnir palace.


Marcus is one of the only two players left in the clan since its creation. He took over ownership of the clan once to keep it alive and built it back up helping to recruit new and active players then he gave it back to the original owner Ice-T. He uses many tactics to beat his opponents and specializing in rushing an enemy. His favorite maps include Tom, Well of Mimir, and Sessrumnir palace. He currently lives in the USA and enjoys hunting,fishing, sports and almost anything outdoors.

DevilKazuya joined TSI in December of 2012 and ever since he has become one of the most active members of the clan! He is also very active on the forums. He is awesome team player. He is from Ireland in real life where he goes to school and works as a mechanic. He is currently working on his own map pack for TSI called TSI: Demon Worlds.


Wesker is from Chile and he enjoys making maps a lot, he has created many maps and he has contributed multiple maps for the TSI's map pack TSI Worlds II: Mystic Worlds.

Teukka is another TSI member from Finland. He is an excellent player despite the high pings he gets from most hosts. He is a great teammate who always has your back and one of his favorite maps was Hot Turtle soup. He and Marcus had a lot of good games there!

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